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Natural Wonders of Kauai

Natural Wonders of Kauai


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Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii and its timeless spirit manifests and beauty itself through lush mountains, idyllic beaches and fertile beaches.


Waimea Canyon


One the west side of Kauai, Waimea Canyon is the biggest than the eye can see. Panned Hawaii Big Canyon, it measures 14 miles long, offering amazing views along the way. While the canyon is wonderful any time of day, Best location for your family and baby, if you are lucky enough to be there at sunset when the light hits the red walls just right, it is so lovely it practically glows.

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Napali Coast


 The Napali Coast on the North shore of Kauai is an amazing sight. These amazing cliffs are a sign of spirit in Kauai. For those who want a closer look, the Napali coast can be toured by hiking, boat, air the Kalalau Trail.


State Parks and Gardens


When you view the unspoiled beauty of Kauai, it is simple to consider the full island a natural surprise in itself. From state parks to botanical gardens, there are many ways to enjoy the island flora and fauna.

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Kauai is also famous for its wonderful waterfalls. Opaekaa Falls on the East area is one of the most beautiful accessible waterfalls Wailua Falls is famous for being in the big credits of the Television show “Fantasy Island”. Take a helicopter journey of the Mt. Waialeale place you will see mountains deeply etched by silver water.

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Allerton Garden


Also is southern Kauai, this eighteen acre gem is the general entrance to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens.  It specs remarkable garden design and is home to the film “Jurassic Park.”

Limahuli Garden and Preserve


Placed in the lush North Shore of Kauai, Limahuli Garden covers one thousand acres, 3 distinct ecological zones and is house to early traces of early Hawaiian culture. Other notable gardens add 240-acres Na Aina Kai Garden on the Botanical Garden in Wailua. So relax and enjoy with your baby.

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McBryde Garde

Placed on Kauai South Shore in the Lawai valley, this is the headquarters of the National Tropical Botanical Garden specs 259 acres of garden and the globe biggest collection of native Hawaiian plants.


Kokee History Museum

At the Kokee history Museu

m you will find exhibits and hiking maps. Near the close of the road, the popular Kalaau Valley lookout provides a view of Kalalau valley opening out to the Napali Coast. So relax and enjoy with baby gear equipment rental Kauai. Baby gear rentals & beach equipment rental Kauai offer you umbrellas, dippers, beach equipment and toys.

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