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Kauai Vacation Fun

Kauai Vacation Fun

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The state of Hawaii is the lovely paradise of native culture, lush greenery and volcanic wonder nestled in the hot waters of the Pacific Ocean. Getting an opportunity to vacation there with your family is a dream for many and when you are making your ideas, there are some things that you are going to see. Attending a Luau, going to Waimea Canyon, spending time on the Napali coast hiking or taking in the sun on kee beach with your baby or sailing are just some of the pleasant things the Kauai island, Hawaii, can offer a family. But do not forget baby gear equipment rental Kauai in vacation.

Luaus are traditional celebrations filled with aromatic food and feast of taste, dancers, and native music. Take a journey to the Wailua River valley and attend one of the Smith Family Luaus. Mahi-mahi, teriyaki beef, roated pig, are just some of the tasty meals they will prepare for you as you sit and watch hula girls dance. Remember, each dance step and hand movement has a different meaning. Ensure you sample the traditional dish of poi in order to done your full Hawaiian experience. Sit back and love the music, marvel at the Samoan fire dancers and the let the sound of Taihitian.
Waimea Canyon is placed on the west side of the island and it is the biggest in the pacific, actually it nick title is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. 10 miles long, a mile large, and more than 3,500 feet deep, this striking sight was carved 1000s of years ago by floods and rivers that came off the summit of Mount Waialeale. As you enjoy the canyon, you will see the marks made by many different lave flows and volcanic eruptions that have occurred over the centuries. It is part of the Kokee State Park and provides visitors trails for hiking. A Ranger station is placed at the museum and offer hiking maps of the area. Ensure you bring a jacket as the air gets cooler by a perfect 10 to 15 degrees as the day wears on.


Finally, you are going to want to visit the globe famous, Napa Coast and enjoy along with the velvet green cliffs as you look out over the Pacific Sea and enjoy the beauty of many waterfalls in Hawaii. The Kalalau Trail, which begins at Kee Beach, is the only way to get into this paradise. The trail is 11 miles long, crosses 5 different valleys, and ends at the extremely secluded Kalalau Beach.

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