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How to Pack For Kauai Vacation

How to Pack For Kauai Vacation

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Kauai, Hawaii is a stunning holiday spot. It is special island place and so different that the other Hawaii islands. It seems to rank just Oahu and Maui in attractiveness with travelers but it would not want to change that for the globe. By accident, our initial tour was 15 years ago. We landed there in Hawaii and was offered the chance to “island hop” over to Kauai. It was not part of the program since we were visiting Maui and Oahu and there was so much to do and see.
I found this island to be the natural and most undeveloped looking island of them all. You will know the background from the film. “Jurassic Park” right away. The beautiful mountains and lust green are fantastic. Domestic government has development limitations on the island so that should keep it rural for years to come. There certainly is a full different feel from the other islands.


What to pick in Kauai Vacation?
Photography- I advise bringing 2 cameras if you can; one for the top standard shots and one smaller one that you can stick in your purse or pocket when going out and about. When we go to the beach, I favor not to bring the perfect camera. But if we are going to see the Kauai waterfalls, I am bringing the top end camera to do my top to capture the beauty.


Perfect & Comfortable Clothes – I mean pack lots of t-shirts and shorts. You can go almost 96% of the island in t-shirts and shorts. It is casual dress location. And if you obtain active you will want to be in lighter clothing.
Shopping tips: You will be buying island souvenirs and jewelry for sure so ensure you bring a small shopping bag. I also advise bringing bubble wrap to pack things in luggage for the tour home.
Kauai is a unique place for family and baby. We feel fortunate that we were capable to exchange a timeshare to get over there. Whether you use RCI list or another exchange service, it does not issue. We have many amazing memories with our family whether having dinner outside in the charming air, playing on the beach with baby, Kauai is stunning. I expect these ideas were supportive. It is such a gorgeous unique place; it will be difficult to leave. So relax and enjoy with baby gear rentals & beach equipment rental kauai.
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