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Popular Kauai activities

Popular Kauai activities


Planning a vacation commonly gets all involved extremely excited about there is to do while they are on vacation. So, most likely if you are traveling to Kauai with your baby and family you can assured that dad, mom and each child traveling will search the internet for different activities that are best for the family as well as adults or baby, respectively. But, do not forget baby gear rentals & beach equipment rental kauai during activities. Anyway, you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for these kinds of activities because they are all included here.


Spouting Horn
On the south shore of Kauai is a blowhole where the sea waves impact the shore with such force and power that the waves are sent shooting up to ten feet in the air, sometimes even more. During the cool months the impact causes the water to shoot as top as six stores high! This is a best site that exists in nature and is something you should not pass up. There is a further hole here that results in load moaning when the waves hit. It is really an amazing experience and you will get some images as well so ensure you include Spouting Horn on your Kauai list activities.

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Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens


It might be hard to imagine a 240 acre magical garden, but that is actually what you get from Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens. When you come into the gardens you will be overwhelmed with the beauty and sweetness. There are about 70 life size status and adorn the gardens and some of them are even big! Na Kai Botanical Gardens is off the Kauai North Shore and regardless of whether you like gardens or not you will really like Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens.


Jack Harter Helicopter Tour
Another amazing Kauai activity is the Jack Harter helicopter tour, which is permit tourists to get an amazing view of the full island many places that you definitely should not miss. Jack Harter gives both 60 minute and 90 minute tours, it does depend on your time and budget you want to spend on the helicopter journey will affect which tour is top for you.


Captain Andy Sailing
A stunning sailing adventure is offered by Captain Andy. There are 2 different 55 foot camarans that carry 49 passengers and depart from Kauai south shore. There is a picnic and snorkel cruise that lasts about 5 ½ hours and heads to the Na Pali Coast. So enjoy and relax with baby gear rentals & beach equipment rental kauai.
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